HPC Blade: unlocking a step change
in wind turbine technology

HPC–Strut: a new dawn in the
use of advanced composite materials

Lightweight Structures: we advise
on structures design, efficiency
and material combinations to
balance performance and
integrity with lower costs

Laminar flow: innovative
technologies to support the
drive for higher efficiency
and sustainability


Tim Evans

Tim has spent 40 years in the discipline of stress and structural analysis within the UK and European Aerospace and allied Mechanical fields. His expertise in engineering analysis and high technology project management has been developed through employment at both technical and senior management positions within a number of leading industrial, and consultancy companies including BRITISH AEROSPACE plc (AIRBUS UK), ATD Ltd, SAC Ltd (now part of Assystem UK Ltd/Expleo), and ASEA BROWN BOVERI. He has been technically responsible with respect to mechanical integrity for a range of major projects including AIRBUS airframe design, checkstress & test rig activities, the RR 141 Contra-rotating Propfan, the MTU Unducted Propfan, and complete small gas turbine demonstrators for ROLLS-ROYCE. Tim holds Delegated Approval Stress Signatory status for Airbus A350, A380, A330/340 & A300/310 Family Wingbox structure.

Chris Vaissière

Over the last 23 years, Chris has been primarily working on airframe structural analysis tasks for AIRBUS. He has been responsible for the structural integrity for a range of major projects including design stress support, check stress, in-service and test. He has played a key role in establishing niche experience in wing primary structure components, test rig and fixed leading-edge technology. He also has a leading role in Engineering Software Development.

Chris has exercised Airbus Level 4 Stress Signatory duties over the last 10 years for A380 and A330/340 Family Wing Covers and A380 & A320 EF Wings.​

Recent and on-going R&D activities cover the fields of high-performance structural components, advanced materials, wind turbine blades, laminar flow enabling technologies and self-configurable robotic structures for hazardous environments.