News from Jigsaw Structures

The Standing Grand – The future piano team seeks crowd funding

The Standing Grand will be light and compact enough to bring the fullness of a grand piano’s sound into modern spaces. With this crowd-fund money, the Future Piano team is aiming to significantly reduce the total piano weight by building a hybrid demonstrator, using a combination of traditional (metal and wood) and advanced materials (composites) for the optimum sound, cost and weight ratio. If we build this next piano, we’ll be a significant step closer to making acoustic grand pianos much more accessible.

Help make our plans a reality and revolutionise pianos for the future! Please donate and share with other enthusiasts of piano, music, design, engineering or invention.

Please click on this crowd funding image to visit the site. Thank you.

Connect-R – Jigsaw wins funding for robotics project – 2019

Jigsaw Structures is proud and excited to be part of the Connect-R project funded by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) through UK Research and Innovation. This cutting-edge combination of robotic and AI technologies has the potential to transform big industry. Connect-R proposes to develop

an industrial-scale, self-building, autonomous, modular robotic solution to provide robotic access to work-sites in these hazardous environments. The Connect-R team also includes Barrnon Ltd, Ross Robotics, Tharsus, the University of Edinburgh, the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Royal Holloway University of London.


Jigsaw becomes a shareholder in Future Piano – 2018

Future Piano comprises Sarah Nicolls and Jigsaw Structures. Sarah, as a concert pianist with a global reputation, hopes to reinvigorate passion for the acoustic piano and through this redesign, to educate the world about what a piano can possibly be.

Jigsaw specialises in innovative lightweight structural design and product integration. Future Piano has successfully completed a 6-month Design Foundations project, funded by Innovate UK, and we are ready to build our first lightweight prototype.

Click on the image to visit the Innovations website page which features the Future Piano.